Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE)


SIRE has the mission of institutionalizing Industry4.0 area in all academia and industries through education, consultation, R&D, and enhancing current industries.


SIRE has the vision of being a Centre for Synergy in Innovation, to provide a synergetic entrepreneurship ecosystem in promoting research & education in applied sciences and technology.

Scope of Work

SIRE is employing professional expert scientists and engineering to provide following services to industries:

  1. Education: Design and implementation of IoT trainers and curriculum for universities and colleges,
  2. Consultation: Giving consultation services to industries who want to enhance the level of their industries to the Industry4.0 level,
  3. R&D projects: Innovation in implementing new ideas of Industry4.0, implementing Industry4.0 systems to current systems in industries.

Active Areas

Industry4.0 R&D Projects

Industry 4.0 as the 4th of industries is vastly used in many industries. SIRE, as a hub of Industry4.0 R&D has implemented several R&D projects in this area so far, using our professional expert team in engineering.

Engineering Professional Development Education

Professional Development courses are delivered in sciences and engineering for university graduates who want to update their knowledge in engineering, get prepared to write an exam with certificate, or involved in R&D projects.