NashtaNet 8

NashtaNet 8 is the 8th Startups Breakfast Event held on August 5, 2023 inline of SIRE objectives in making a vibrant ecosystem of startups.

NashtaNet 7

The 7th NashtaNet Startups Event on July 23, 2023 was fantastic.We met many talented persons and founders of successful startups and businesses. We are honored of having such an elite community.

NashtaNet 6

On July 9, we met in another breakfast event to share insightful discussions about our possible joint collaboration in the Smart City area.

Hello Team!

“Welcome to SIRE: Igniting Innovation, Forging Collaborations. Step into a world where ideas transform into realities, where startups find their wings, and where innovation is nurtured through the power of collaboration. SIRE is more than an organization – it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to fuel the growth of technology startups in the realm of smart …