Dr. Daryoush Mortazavi, PhD, P.Eng.
CEO & Technical Director
Dr. Behzad Moshiri
PhD, IEEE Senior Member
R&D Director
Mr. Bahman Nasiri,
Business Director

Dr. Daryoush Mortazavi founded SIRE in 2017. He is the CEO and CTO of SIRE, and works as a researcher and instructor in SIRE as well. He graduated in PhD of electrical Engineering and his research interest and expertise is in IoT, AI, bio-medical engineering, and nano-technology. He has 15+ practical engineering and academic experience in Industrial Automation, Control Systems, Industry 4.0 and AI.

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Dr. Behzad Moshiri is the Chief of R&D Officer at. SIRE. He graduated in PhD of Control Systems and has 30+ years experience as professor of control systems and as invited visiting scholar at various universities in Japan, Germany and Canada (Ontario) since 2004. He has 20+ years experience in coaching entrepreneurs in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Human-Robot Interaction, Industry 4.0, Automation, AI, Data Fusion and Intelligent financial engineering.


Mr. Bahman Nasiri is the Chief of Business Officer at. SIRE. He graduated in Master of Industrial Engineering and has had several managerial roles as the CEO of Visionto Online Magazine, Managing Director and Board Member of major home appliances corporates, Instructor at Sharif University of Technology, Editor in Chief of Behkaam Health Magazine, Ravesh Industrial Engineering Magazine , and Modern Management magazine.