Core Activities

Startups Incubation & Business Development

Pre-Seed Stage (Ideation)

SIRE streamlines the journey from concept to market by aiding in the **ideation** and **validation** of ideas, and honing them into models ready for the competitive marketplace.

Seed Stage (MVP Development)

Sire facilitates the creation of a foundational MVP, integrating user feedback for continuous product enhancement, which is essential for strategic scaling and sustained growth.

Growth Stage (Product Market Fit)

Sire aids in reaching product-market fit by fine-tuning the product with customer feedback and expanding operations to fulfill market needs.


SIRE helps tackle your startup's financial hurdles by securing non-refundable research funding through our experienced scientific grant writing team.


SIRE elevates your startup's visibility in the market and among investors through our signature startup events, TechnoNet monthly meetups and biannually Summits.

Pitch Delivery

SIRE's mentorship sessions prepare and practice pitch decks using the SIRE pitch deck template, ensuring startups are well-equipped to engage investors and buyers.

Corporation Setup

SIRE provides comprehensive assistance with incorporating your corporation, managing HR systems, accounting and more, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

Market Research

Gathering information about potential markets, customers, and competitors to identify opportunities for growth.

Strategic Partnerships

Forming alliances with other companies or organizations to leverage strengths and expand market presence.

Sales and Negotiation

Engaging with potential clients or partners to convert leads into sales or business deals.

Product Development

Enhancing existing products or services and developing new ones to meet market demands.