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Services to Drive Your Success

R&D Partnership

At SIRE, our R&D Partnership Program fosters strategic alliances between startups and established tech entities. Together, we co-develop innovative solutions to address pressing challenges. Our collaborative environment accelerates the path from concept to market, fueling growth for individual startups and contributing to technological progress

Startups Mentorship Programs

SIRE’s Startup Mentorship Program pairs emerging startups with seasoned industry leaders, providing one-on-one and group guidance. This program accelerates startup growth, refines business models, and enhances product development. By participating, startups gain access to networking opportunities and the support needed to overcome challenges.

Research Funding

SIRE’s Research Funding Assistance program guides startups through the complex landscape of government grants. We help identify opportunities, align projects with funding criteria, and articulate research impact. Our expertise ensures innovative startups secure the support needed to advance technologies and contribute to national research objectives.