At SIRE, we are at the forefront of Industry 4.0 advancements, leading the way in designing and implementing groundbreaking projects that harness the power of automation, data exchange, and cutting-edge technologies. Our dedicated team collaborates with startups, experts, and industry leaders to create solutions that optimize processes, enhance productivity, and drive transformative change in manufacturing and beyond. From intelligent factories to data-driven decision-making, our projects redefine what’s possible in the Industry 4.0 landscape.”

Here is a list of our successful projects:

Designed by: Synnovate Inc.

Smart Zones

The main research objective of this project was to design and build IoT based smart sensors and devices to manage and save energies in each zone of buildings and houses via controlling air flow in each zone independently.  

Designed by: Circuit Lighting Inc.

Smart Gas Filling & Shopping

At the time being, drivers face health and safety issues during gas filling. Health problems reported include headache, low back pain, eye irritation, dizziness, cough and nausea. The aim of this project is to develop a Smart Gas Filling cost-effective system, which extremely reduces the gas fueling and shopping time in the gas stations through a smart system.

Designed by: Synnovate Inc.

Indoor Navigation/Asset Tracking

The main research objective was managing people traffic congestion in office buildings/malls/hospitals, to avoid the potential increase in diseases spread (e.g., COVID-19) and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions via implementing a smart indoor navigation/asset tracking system.

Designed by: Synnovate Inc.

Smart Power Line Monitoring

Power outage in power distribution systems is one of the main concerns of power distribution industries. Therefore, developing solutions that can predict the maintenance periods and prevent unwanted maintenances is very crucial in decreasing outage costs and improving system reliability. This system analyzes and monitor power lines status remotely.

Designed by: Synnovate Inc.

IoT Trainer

IoT trainer covers all aspects of an IoT system including various applications, system design, hardware configuration, IoT sensors and endpoints, fog processors, controllers, transmission protocols and software.

Small end-to-end solutions of IoT projects can be designed and developed using the IoT base, incl. Smart Home, Smart Building, Indoor Navigation, Asset Tracking, Smart Farm, Smart City, ect.

Designed by: Sarox Technology Inc.

AI-Based Condition Monitoring

Sarox develops machine-learning based condition monitoring systems to assess the health of electric motors continuously and predict failures inside the machine before they cause shutdown. They are upgrading their system from being a server-based consition monitoring platform to cloud-based platform. Their customers are oil and gas. pulm and paper and mining industries