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Pioneering Smart Technology

Our Vission

Empowering Innovation: To be the leading ecosystem where technology startups converge to revolutionize smart technology through collaborative R&D and mutual growth.

Our Mission

Fostering Synergy: Our mission is to catalyze the success of technology startups by providing a collaborative platform for smart technology R&D
offering corporate partnerships
and facilitating access to grant funding.

Our Values

Collaboration: We believe in the power of partnership and shared knowledge

Innovation: We are committed to fostering creativity and pioneering solutions

Core Activities

Startups Incubation & Business Development

Pre-Seed Stage (Ideation)

SIRE streamlines the journey from concept to market by aiding in the **ideation** and **validation** of ideas, and honing them into models ready for the competitive marketplace.

Seed Stage (MVP Development)

Sire facilitates the creation of a foundational MVP, integrating user feedback for continuous product enhancement, which is essential for strategic scaling and sustained growth.

Growth Stage (Product Market Fit)

Sire aids in reaching product-market fit by fine-tuning the product with customer feedback and expanding operations to fulfill market needs.


SIRE helps tackle your startup's financial hurdles by securing non-refundable research funding through our experienced scientific grant writing team.


SIRE elevates your startup's visibility in the market and among investors through our signature startup events, TechnoNet monthly meetups and biannually Summits.

Pitch Delivery

SIRE's mentorship sessions prepare and practice pitch decks using the SIRE pitch deck template, ensuring startups are well-equipped to engage investors and buyers.

Corporation Setup

SIRE provides comprehensive assistance with incorporating your corporation, managing HR systems, accounting and more, ensuring a smooth operational flow.

Market Research

Gathering information about potential markets, customers, and competitors to identify opportunities for growth.

Strategic Partnerships

Forming alliances with other companies or organizations to leverage strengths and expand market presence.

Sales and Negotiation

Engaging with potential clients or partners to convert leads into sales or business deals.

Product Development

Enhancing existing products or services and developing new ones to meet market demands.

The Governance Body

We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful business teams.

Daryoush Mortazavi, Ph.D.
CEO (Cheif Executive Officer) & Founder

Daryoush, the CEO and founder of SIRE, has extensive background in Electrical Engineering and a PhD to his credit. His knowledge spans various tech domains, including IoT, AI, biomedical engineering, and nano-technology.
His tireless efforts to empower startups and nurture innovation make him a key figure in the tech startup ecosystem, inspiring others to explore new possibilities and make a positive impact in the world of technology.

Daryoush Mortazavi, Ph.D.
CEO (Cheif Executive Officer) & Founder
Mahshid Kalani, Ph.D.
CRO (Chief Research Officer)

Mahshid is a distinguished professional with a PhD in chemical and biomedical engineering from the University of Melbourne, specializing in nano encapsulation and drug delivery for efficient cancer treatment. As an esteemed member of the SIRE, she is further solidifying her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and contributing to the broader research community at SIRE.

Mahshid Kalani, Ph.D.
CRO (Chief Research Officer)
Reza Mostafavi, M.D.
CBO (Chief Business Officer)

Reza is education lead and a proactive member of SIRE in organizing TechnoNet events. He is also an expert in insurance and financial markets, an Insurtech enthusiast, an entrepreneur, an Amazon author, and a former family physician. He founded Pinky Promiser, a mutual aid platform for critical illness through non-binding smart contracts. He believes that a startup journey is as profound as a love experience.

Reza Mostafavi, M.D.
CBO (Chief Business Officer)

Our Achievements

SIRE's track record is marked by impressive milestones, including a surge in funds raised and an expanding stakeholder base, driving our startups forward. Additionally, SIRE organizes a variety of events that spotlight our stakeholders, bolstering their market presence and networking prowess, which in turn fosters their comprehensive development and market engagement.


Money Raised $K


Number of Stakeholders


Monthly Meetups




At SIRE, we recognize the critical role our stakeholders play in shaping the future of technology startups. As a hub for innovation, we are committed to providing comprehensive services that foster growth and success.


Embark on a transformative journey with SIRE and become a part of our visionary circle of stakeholders. As a stakeholder, you’ll have the unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge smart technology startups, contribute to groundbreaking R&D projects, and leverage our extensive network for growth and innovation. We invite you to collaborate, share insights, and take advantage of our tailored services designed to elevate your aspirations. To join us, please schedule an online meeting as your first step towards empowerment. Together, we can forge a future where technology transcends boundaries. Connect with us and empower the next wave of tech pioneers!


Connecting Innovators, Shaping Futures


TechnoNet, a dynamic platform that empowers startups through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and strategic connections, is proudly brought to you by SIRE. It serves as a nexus, bringing together mentors, tech-savvy individuals, investors, business leaders, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Through this vibrant network, TechnoNet fosters innovation, growth, and meaningful interactions across the Technology, Investment, and Market (TIM) spectrum.

TechnoNet Summit#2

Welcome Back to TechnoNet Summit2!
After the resounding success of our inaugural summit and the warm reception from numerous participants, we are excited to invite you to TechnoNet Summit2.

Early Bird Registration is Now Open!
• First Early Bird: Secure your spot by June 30, 2024, for just $25
• Second Early Bird: Continue the savings; register by July 30, 2024, for $40
• Third Early Bird: Last chance for early savings; register by August 30, 2024, for $60
Act fast! After the early bird period, tickets will be available for $80 online or at the door.

Event Highlights:
• Technology Mentor Showcases: Engage with our mentors across various technological and non-technological domains. Startups can seek advice and guidance to propel their ventures forward.
• TIM Speakers: Learn from successful businesses in Technology, Investment, and Marketing (TIM) as they share their experiences and insights.
• Investor Pitch Deck: Discover innovative ideas cultivated within our incubator to help fuel the growth of your business.

Why Attend?
• Engage with tech incubators and angel investors
• Experience live pitch presentations from up-and-coming tech startups
• Expand your professional network and collaborate with peers

Sponsorship Packages


Sponsorship Package

  • Logo placement on event materials
  • Acknowledgment during the event opening and closing remarks
  • Up to 5 free tickets


Sponsorship Package

  • All Bronze benefits
  • Exhibition space for product demonstrations
  • Playing a 5 min recorded video in the event


Sponsorship Package

  • All Silver benefits (playing recorded video excluded)
  • Prime exhibition space
  • A 10-minute pitch opportunity to audiences

Honored sponsors

TechnoNet Monthly Meetups

TechnoNet Meetup #20

TechnoNet Monthly Meetups serve as a premier networking platform, bringing together the brightest minds in technology. These gatherings create opportunities for collaboration, spark industry innovation, and empower entrepreneurs to thrive. 🚀

Coming Soon, on June 2nd, 2024

TechnoNet Summit Inaugural Ceremony

Request to have a pitch

Early registration for TechnoNet Summit2 is open now. Should you like to have a pitch on your startup idea, reserve your place now.

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